Book Review: Daughter of Mine by Fiona Lowe

A family secret and the setting, Victoria's Western District, were the two things that drew me to this novel, in a genre I don't usually read. While the opening chapters didn’t pull me in immediately, I’m glad I persevered as this turned out to be a great family drama with a very satisfactory conclusion.


When your world falls apart the only person you can depend on is your sister. The three Chirnwell sisters are descended from the privileged squattocracy in Victoria's Western District -- but could a long-held secret threaten their family? Harriett Chirnwell has a

Read Along: Shadow of the Moon by M.M. Kaye

For the rest of this month and July I'm very excited to be participating in my first ever Read Along with a book that I've been meaning to read for ages but never got around to, The Shadow of the Moon by M.M. Kaye, set in India during the time of the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

First published in 1957 with sections deleted, it was re-issued in 1979 to take advantage of the popularity of her other British-Indian historical epic, The Far Pavilions, which had been released the previous year and became the

Book Review: The Spirit Guide by Elizabeth Davies

The late twelfth century was a time of unrest between the English and the Welsh. So long ago that it is easy to envisage a time of myth, magic and superstition, as well as one of bloody battles and violent deaths.

Seren is a sixteen-year-old gentlewoman able to see and communicate with spirits. When her home, Painscastle, is besieged by the Welsh, Seren is plunged into the chaos of war, assisting her mother in the treatment of the wounded and giving comfort to the dying.

Seren believes her gift to be a curse. Many of the dead refuse to acknowledge they are dead, some cursing and railing at their fate. The simple act of

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This weekly meme is hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date and is a place to share what you've been reading over the past week, what you are currently reading and what you hope to read next.

Yet another couple of slow reading weeks for me. This statement is becoming the norm, although I did have a slight improvement and actually finished two books. But then I began two more instead of carrying on with the

Book Review: The Crown Spire by Catherine Curzon and Willow Winsham

Georgian adventure and romance abound in this collaboration from Catherine Curzon and Willow Winsham. Just the tonic to raise those flagging spirits!


Scotland, 1795

When the coach carrying Alice Ingram and her niece, Beth, to Edinburgh is attacked, they're grateful for the intervention of two mysterious highwaymen who ride to their rescue. Beth is thrilled by the romance of it all, but Alice, fleeing her brutish husband, has had more than enough drama in her life.